Wednesday, July 17, 2013

MagiSoft July 2013 - 久々(Long Time) Updates


I can't believe how much has happened since the last blog post. It is too much to type!

Well, as it stands, we always have lots of work to do! I'll try to name a few things but I am not really sure how soon they will be added. I think with all that is going on, Key and I will just have to take our time :)

- Add some of our games that are on mobile
- Change Website Layout on Dream Maidens and Dark Maidens
- Have a Directory List of our Apps on
- Create a Dream Maidens and Dark Maidens mobile site
- and some more stuff that we are not sure of

In a year's time we have released more games, however I will say that there are more developers making dress up games on mobile, which I am happy and more or less encouraged to develop other things due to the influx. It is next to impossible to find our games, and most would publish games for free, so in search Google displays free games first because it goes off of downloads. I think it is good to have a variety of games and know how to develop different game genres, and I am safe to say that they can have "dress up games" tag until the wheels fall off, because I already see some developers moving over to make cooking and other makeover games. We are always moving on :)

Personally --
The only difference between competition online and on mobile is that there is no circle of site promotion, but pure traffic driven promotion through advertisement and fake and/or paid app reviews (we get e-mails from companies offering this service all the time) and besides, Google loves free stuff (who doesn't if they had a choice?). I think selling paid apps are not as profitable on Google Play for this reason as it once was a year ago for dress up games, and for other genres also. Other developers have agreed that Google Play caters to a free market. Look at the Chrome Store and how different it looks compared to how it was in 2010-2011. Though I think making apps free will cause both paid and free app developers to lose revenue in the long run no matter how many games are in circulation. You just have to be the type that will last through it all :) This is what I've learned with Dream Maidens after moving to mobile.

I have done my homework and have learned a lot. Time has turned our bitterness and confusion to educating ourselves about the veil that is behind what is popular and what is not versus revenue earned (ROI - return on investment).

Its great that two people can compete with large team companies and accomplish so much without private funding, paid advertisement and outsourcing to get ahead and really keeping it honest!!!! After a little thought, I realized how much good we had done with Dream Maidens and how silly it was to abandon it because companies made us feel like we were small and insignificant in their world that was once cool for the small time developer. The same thing is happening on mobile and its time to stop running and face it.

That is why I am happy to say that we ARE doing our very best to continue creating rich content for everyone of all ages and make attempts to deliver our content across multiple platforms.

We hope that you are enjoying your summer and hopefully expect an update on things really soon


-Keyeske and Chykara

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