Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Website Updated: Added Link to Etsy Webstore ChykaraCrafts

Hey! It's finally up and running! Our Official Webstore!!!!

The store icon in the menu on Dream-Maidens is now active and linked to my Etsy web store, where I sell my handmade merchandise. I'm constantly working on different projects all the time, and looking forward to selling my creations, because I love fashion. SO, I have something special for those who love DreamMaidens Games.

If you use our website name without the hyphen, you get 25% off any item. If you use our company name, you receive 30% off any item. These clues are more than what I give on the store page, because I would like to thank you all for being there for us, and giving us the opportunity to create wonderful games for a living ^_^

Check out some of the items below:


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