Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year! Two New Games Added & More!


Hope you are having a great year so far in 2012. Keyeske and I slept through the new year. Not sure why we were so tired around 8pm, but that is how it goes when you work too hard! Anywho, as promised I posted two new games up for you to check out:

Click Here to Play Burger Maker Deluxe

Click Here to Play Super Cake Designer

Along with the new games, I figure I might as well keep you posted about other things that we are working on. Of course you know that we are creating games for both online as well as mobile, but we are embarking on a new adventure.

I will also start having some Maidens Merchandise! Coming soon, and I mean very soon, my handmade business ( will start selling handmade items dedicated to Dream-Maidens, Maidens Avatar and Magisoft branding. I am not sure what I will make, but I will definitely keep you posted. With all of this going on, I will have to update the websites very soon. I know I meant to update Dark-Maidens, and Preciousdiva, but I will do my best to get to it by this month.

So stay tuned for some awesome updates


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