Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Dressup Game - Fashion Swimsuit Diva Deluxe

Today we uploaded our latest game called Fashion Swimsuit Diva Deluxe. It has lots of cool swimsuit designs along with cute accessories and hairstyles. Even though it is getting chilly for most of us, it is still nice to think of the nice warm days of summer. This is also available in the Android Marketplace as well!

Dark-Maidens is Getting a Face-Lift

Hey Guys,

After much consideration, I feel as though I should spend some time working on remodeling our Dark-Maidens website. Have it look somewhat similar to what we have on on Dream-Maidens. There seems to be a lot of comments of those who believe in the idea of having a place like Dark-Maidens to express themselves, which is great in my opinion. Besides that, I will also start working on creating some more videos, and giving some use to the Youtube channels for both Dream and Dark Maidens... who knows what I'll come up with.

Keep you posted,

P.S. Preciousdiva and Gamer-Shojo are really due for some work, but I am taking my time ^_^

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Game Added: Princess and the Magical Fruit

Hello Everyone,

Today we added one of our older games back on Dream-Maidens. Princess and the Magical Fruit. I'll share a little history about this game:

We created Princess and the Magical Fruit in 2009 and worked very hard, learning so much about Actionscript 3 as we went along. We were getting familiar with new script because all of our games at the time were in Actionscript 2, and we had a rough time transitioning (well mainly me lol). I wished that the game would be a hit online back then, and it had not, so it left a very awful taste in our mouths following the release of this game. We had a very polished game, that was cute for girls and somewhat challenging so that everyone of all ages would play. Too bad, most reviewed it as 'repetitive' and 'not original enough', so it was so-so. I was pretty angry that a dress-up game would out perform this one because I've always read that no one really liked dress-up games as much, so, it was really sad. Now I'm over it, and I sort of look at the good parts of working on Princess and the Magical Fruit. It was a fun project. We spent so many nights up past 4am, only to sleep and wake back up and start all over again working on it. No one gets rewarded for the hard work made at the end of the day, but I like to reward myself for staying on a project that long lol. The game took a good month to work on non-stop, and our ideas kept running to add this, add that in the game, which we had to stop eventually.

Thanks so much for reading. You can check out Princess and the Magical Fruit by clicking on the link below:

Click Here to Play Princess and the Magical Fruit

Sunday, November 6, 2011

User Image Gallery - Kiana

The following below are images that were submitted by Kiana. Thanks so much for sending us your submissions. We look forward to seeing more!

User Image Gallery - Olivia

The following below are images that were submitted by Olivia from her Android Device. Thanks so much for sending us your submissions. We look forward to seeing more!

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