Monday, September 5, 2011

Changes to Website Today


Another quick update with the website. This morning we added the search bar back on all of the pages, added rounded boxes behind the game icons as well and tweaked some of the descriptions in the title as well as at the bottom of every page so now that it reads:

Thank you for visiting our website. is a web showcase website that shows the gaming media created by MagiSoft.
We are a team of two that create casual games for online and apps for mobile play. We have our Mobile Apps in the Android Marketplace, and our Online Games on this website. We make it our priority to put a lot into each game that we create, delivering our very best to each and every person that plays our games.

Also we decided to remove the legend from the front page.

Last thing that we did was finally correct the link to the mobile by linking it to our mobile games on the Android Marketplace.

More updates coming soon. I just have a few games to update and add on the mobile side before I get my hands dirty with adding games on the website.


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