Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Please Pardon Our Dust: Website Workout HOOOOOOOO!

Hey Everyone,

Are the rumors true? Are we back to making games online? Uhh... YES! In lieu of our new direction to make games for both online and mobile, we have decided to update the website, so please pardon our dust. I rarely talk about most of the stuff that we have been up to, partly because I want to ease it in at just the right time - which is very very soon!

We have had such a great summer! We worked hard, and continue to do so, and have so many games to put up that were on mobile so that we can continue our goals of bringing our games to everyone around the world. I know I left a sour note to the publishers, but we had to do what is best for us. We had to cut the middle man, and have finally taken a step forward to create and deliver our very own content. Our great team of two, (Keyeske and I) have been in high hopes that this year is the year of change and we were so right!

A couple of days ago, we received an e-mail from someone that remembered our website from a long time ago. They really miss the old games (they even remembered our very first game!!!!). I am sure there are some people that remember them, and I will add those games as well as our new ones. Thank you so much for sticking with us through our happy and rough times. We are back and packing a mean punch with a whole new attitude!

So put on your hard hats and get ready for our most electrifying experience MagiSoft style!!!!!!!

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