Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Phase of Website Update - DONE!


Phase one is complete. I fully skinned the website, and added some minor features (share links on the side, and a news bar), updated the download page links, and took a huge chunk of code that was unnecessary from a previous layout, took the who's online counter off because frankly, its too many Javascript calls going on and I really don't like the idea of having so many run all at once. Something is bound to go wrong.

Which reminds me, if you spot any bugs or have anything that brings up an error, please contact us, so that we can investigate.

In the next few days (maybe next week - this weekend is a no go) I will update the website by adding more games.
Uhm... Also will redo the publishers section because its a little messy, and I want to keep it organized with the rest of the website.

There are still plenty of things for me to get done, but I hope you like the new layout. It looks so beautiful on my Evo as well.

So until next time ^_^


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