Monday, April 18, 2011

Dear Flash Game Website Owners and Game Listing Sites


I am posting this to let you know that,,, and will no longer be in the "game portal site business". For a time now, we have faced some very tough times with trying to gain better traffic to our websites so that it will help us continue working on games for a living. Time after time we were told that "Love and Care" are not in any business structure, and that our games are lacking the style that is popular. I can say that because of this, we have decided that unnecessary stress will only hamper our creativity. We feel that having compassion inside and out is how we live and what we do.

What does this mean? Over the past few months we tried to email other websites, hoping they will add our games to their website so that their visitors can play, adding some games from other sites so that they can add one of our games in return and other types of interactions. We had also attempted to create games that would cater to the "popular" appeal, but none of these things worked. We saw that not only did this stress us out because of adding games we don't really like, updating the website, sending mass emails out only to get some lame excuse as to why our games will not get added, so it just was not working out. Even though traffic is very important for us, having our content pre-judged by publishers instead of the users themselves is not something that we can agree with. Regrettably, we will no longer add games from other sites, and will start taking down the games that we have on our web server. We will no longer email sites to add our games. If this had worked out for the better, we would keep them, but instead we are moving forward.

What will happen to the sites? As far as the sites, they will continue to showcase the games that we have created for them. It will have our content only, so please do not email us to add games to our websites.

If you are a website owner that are just looking to add content to your site with no-strings attached, please feel free to continue adding our games. We will keep the publishers section open for you to browse for content. All that we ask is for you to not to expect us to make any changes to our new policy (co-branding, adding games from your website onto ours, sponsorship etc.)

We have a lot of work that we do on a full time basis, and sponsorships no longer fit the equation. We are sorry, but we are just two people that work really hard at doing what we do.

Thank you for your time,
- Keyeske and Chykara

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