Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our Douchebag of the Day

And now the winner goes to Mochi for not approving Grape Galaxy S web version because we add the small green android over top of our QR code. I did not know that using the green droid would be considered copyright if it is part of representing that we have an app on the android. It was on the start screen like this

So I said it would probably be better to take the green guy out and just have the code in... since I doubt the QR code is considered copyright. Like This:

But then Key said why bother? Just take it all out and see if it gets approved. He said he was not really worried about it. He is so into developing on the phone now, but we will do the best that we can to put it online for you guys, so it will look like this:
Now..lets see if they don't approve the game. Maybe they thought it was a spammy dress up game or jigsaw puzzle. Oh well if they don't! Back to work.


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