Saturday, March 12, 2011

Maidens Avatar Creator Updates

Hello Everyone,

It has been a while since the Maidens Avatar Creator has had any updates. I know it was intended to have the game updated regularly with items, but I was feeling uninspired to add anything else to it because I felt as though I was only updating for just a handful of people. Not many publishers believe in looking back at games to see if they are updated, especially dress ups. So I've came to a decision to discontinue updating (for now anyways). I am very sorry to those who have been waiting for a update for some time, but I wanted to place the game in a area where it will be greatly respected by those who will play it. I have two places I am thinking about and I'll explain why.

Option 1: The Google Chrome App Marketplace

Option 2: Android App Marketplace

Both options will alert the user that the app was updated. Plain and simple. The users that download apps will care about seeing updates, also, for a small minimal one-time fee (like 50 cents or 99 cents) I will keep monthly updates on the game, add some effects, full backgrounds and some more polishing. I plan to do both, the android app I am currently working on - there are some things I will have to adjust like the button sizes as well as a little bit of other issues I am facing to get it ready to go on the phone. I will make lite versions of the game for free, but they will have advertising inside of the game and less clothes.

So all is not lost. I've made over 400+ items for the game along with a bunch of other items that I've not added (was going to be in the January release but I never go around to adding it)

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