Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Grape Galaxy S is Approved - Thanks Margaret from Mochi!

I received an update:


Your game has been approved.

(mochi support) 
Thanks Margaret for approving the game. I think someone on Mochi did not believe that we did the art/music for the game/ or the coding lol, but its all smooth now. I will try to update the new website today as well as dream-maidens.

I'm going to see if I can get the game up on Newgrounds later today. I'll add their preloader to see how well it goes.

There is a small little glitch with the game that also needs to be corrected. Working on that now!


Wow lol, not really worried, but I am very curious as to why it did not get approved again, so I think I will shoot support an email about it.

I'll update this later once I get a response.
No need to raise hell because it wasn't developed for the web anyhow.

Oh even though it was disapproved, being that it was an android app, Flash Game License approved us to receive $50 for developing an app! Yay!

*Though we already have the first version in Mochiads, I hope that the name with the S on the end would not cause it being disapproved because that would be pretty lame. It isn't the same game. We did this on Didga's Adventure (we named it Didga's Aventure Mission 2 or something like that and strange enough it was approved and featured, so go figure).

Aaaaanyways, I'll keep you posted.

This is the email I sent to them:


My game Grape Galaxy S was denied for ads because of the following:

Reason: This game may be in violation of Mochi's Terms of Use and / or Copyright Policy. For more information, please review and
Unfortunately your game did not meet the requirements of the Mochi Ads Program Policy.

At first I could understand why it was disapproved the first time because I had the green android over top of my QR code for my android app with the same name. I took that out altogether and re-submitted the game, and it was disapproved for the very same reason. Is there a way that I can get some more information as to why it was disapproved this time? For the record, this is not the same game as the first one. In this version there is a boss, and more enemies, background, etc and optimization changes with framerate and a different width and height than there were in the release of the first Grape Galaxy. We named it Grape Galaxy S to differentiate the two, and we also brought a domain to display our updates on both the web and app release of the game ( We also did this for our game Didga's Aventure and both games were approved with no problems.

Looking forward to your reply

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