Monday, March 14, 2011

Bug Testing and Porting More Games

Yesterday we pushed out our latest Android App, "Grape Galaxy S" and we were surprised at how many downloads we received in one day. We didn't expect any, but so far it is 10 downloads. With Key doing some bug testing and updating, we hope to see more downloads in the future. We had some slight optimization problems when adding it on our Android phone, but after some playing around with bitmaps, cache, toggle between screen resolution, we are slowly getting the game speed at the best level of play. You might not see too much of a difference, but the slow down can really become troublesome to fix in an application.

I am adding an updated web release of Grape Galaxy S with Highscores on Mochiads, and then I'll begin working on some more mobile games.

I plan to add some of our old games that were rarely seen and add a bit of challenge to them. I have a few that I will try out:

Daddy's Little Girl Kissing Game
2nd Chance
Lets Make Pancakes
Maidens Avatar Creator

We are also looking to work on a manga app, learning Japanese app, and other interactive apps.
Thats the update for today so take care ^_^

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