Thursday, February 10, 2011

Countdown to Vday - Day 9 and 10 - Planning for Valentine's Day Party

If you have the priveledge of having a classroom vday party or something along those lines and have some planning to do, I have a few tips:

1.) If you have to bring something, make sure the simple things are covered (paper plates, forks, napkins, etc.) or if you want to put you or your parent's cooking skills to good use, make some yummy cupcakes.

2.) Make sure all your classmates receive a small card and candy, just in case no one gives them anything when everyone passes their cards and candy around.

3.) Have a fun little activity. What I used to do was read aloud the messages on the heart shaped candy. I couldn't stand eating them (to me they were like chalk lol). Or you can pass around pictures to color like the picture at the top.

Have Fun!

These valentine coloring pages are posted with written permission from

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