Thursday, February 3, 2011

Countdown to Vday - Day 3 - Making Calculations

So onto day 3. Yesterday I discussed that you needed to find all of your obstacles that could potentially hinder your chance to be with that special someone, and today we are going to talk about calculating your chances.

Now that you know the person or people who are in your way, its time to think of some ways that they can butt out. For example, if you have a best friend who likes the same person as you, see if you can find out who else she likes, and talk to her about it. Well, you might could make a deal, or if you know that isn't going to work, you might have to keep quiet and not tell people who you like.

Actually I think it might be better this way to keep the rumors down, my how people love rumors, it can't ruin your chances for sure. Think about the obstacles and compare yourself, and see if it is worth it.

Until tomorrow ^_^

Also if you would like a valentine coloring page for that custom Valentine's Day Card, check out this nice one below:

These valentine coloring pages are posted with written permission from

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