Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When Nobody Likes You - The Epitome of Being the Outcast

Do you sometimes get the feeling that you are alone with everything you do? I mean, do you feel like the world is against you? You take two steps forward and get pushed six steps back? It is what they call... the outcast. Your the type of person that doesn't follow what everyone else does because you don't agree that what they do is something that you would enjoy. I know, I've been there, and unfortunately, I'm still there. This doesn't go away when you struggle to be yourself in society.

I always like to keep things honest, and let readers know whats on my mind from time to time. When you are an outcast, you end up accepting that you are by yourself, but sometimes you find yourself trying to do what others suggest or what is popular at the moment so you can fit in. It is alright to be by yourself don't get me wrong, but as humans we have an instinct that we must be around others, so we feel the need to try, but it never really works does it? The fact that you are trying, to them, only makes it easier to push you down. They make all sorts of lame excuses about things that hardly matter only to tell you that you've wasted your precious time. I understand everyone makes their judgments and opinions from what they've experienced and sometimes they can be very discriminating about what they think people will like, but I don't understand how people can make decisions for others that have never seen, heard, or experienced it yet, unless they have hidden agendas on trying to make you look like a fool. The reason I say this, is because, the judgmental type can be lenient to others but hard on you. Why? Who knows.

If your an outcast, you will always come across others that will be hard on you because they expect a lot from you which is always next to impossible to fulfill. I thought that if you shared the same goals with people, you would not have a problem of "who's better" or any type of competition. Why compete if we are all in the same boat together?? I thought that people who did different goals clashed with that concept or people who are not fortunate to do or don't agree with your goals at all. But, it is always a double standard. People tell you one thing, but contradict themselves by doing exactly what they tell you is not right. So, finally I will admit that making dressup games is a losing battle for us. I will accept that no one likes our games because of this, because of that, but it isn't the players that have ever complained about our games. Things are not always perfect and it cannot look perfect no matter how good it seems. To many, they may not like the things that are assumed to be popular, or the things that are popular can get old really fast if its the same type of style over and over again. Maybe that is the crowd I should cater to, since our games aren't worth adding.

I thought the whole point of adding games was for people to decide, and people cannot decide if everything has to be spoon fed. So I am so done with trying to circulate our games unless a willing publisher will add them for their content, or visitors picked a lucky number and ended up on this site. It is not worth my time to sit here and try to prove a point to people who don't think we will ever "fit in". I will be proud to be the outcast. PROUD! I will make my games and keep on. I can't lose, not like I would gain anything if I sat here and did nothing. Of course, that is what they would want me to do. To take my baggage and go away. Not like anyone is in our corner whether its online or in real life, so it isn't surprising.

Someone told me a while ago, that when things change with more standards, there is something wrong. Because of the recession in the US, many companies are being audited, copyright issues are swinging around left and right, and well, maybe people are just getting bored with whats being pushed in their face all the time. I am starting to believe that it is true, seems comforting to think as much, and besides, its a better excuse than the flying bull that I've started to hear lately. So if your an outcast, stay you, don't change for anyone else because you will be stuck doing the dishes, while they skip out on the bill.

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