Thursday, January 27, 2011

Studying for a Test

Oh how we love when we have tests or exams coming up :)

I'm sure you are excited and well prepared right? Trying to cram it all in one big night of studying?

It's not happening, BUT I have a tip. Well I don't think if you have a test tomorrow, it will help because it is already too late (teacher's love giving a nice juicy test or pop quiz on Fridays, dunno why). If you know you have a test coming up in advance or having some sort of sensory perception where you can tell one is on the way, then read below:

* Study as you go along. If you go over new material in class, while your doing homework or whenever go over what you learned. It takes memorizing a step further because not only will you have read on or around the material even more than others in the class, the next day when it is reviewed, you will have your hand shoot straight up to answer or to ask more about it - which in turn will build your confidence and furthermore, you will remember what you said or what you asked the teacher to give you those brownie points. So when the questions on the test pertains to the material, you will remember how you answered the question correctly to write it down again. I feel that if you receive something positive about things you want to learn about, it will be more natural to know it when you are asked. Plus, this definitely helps when you are given a pop quiz. You can never be too prepared for those. They really used to get me (5 questions and if you only get 2 or 3 of them right, your still screwed with a low grade).

I know this sounds pretty confusing, and it is really hard to explain, but it is how I got out of studying for tests. Sometimes it isn't a walk in the park, but with good practice, studying as you go along makes the big cram night a small cram night. Throw the red bull out, its not good for you to drink it anyway.

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