Thursday, January 6, 2011

Feeling Down in 2011? The Wave of Negativity after the Holidays

Sometimes I wonder if the Holidays really have something to do with January being the most crappiest month of the year. New Years is supposed to be this brand spankin' new start, but it ends up as a hot mess. I'm sure you've seen or experienced it, and this year had to have been the worst yet.

I think I know why though. if you think about the balance of things, good/bad, night/day, positive/negative you will notice that during the holidays people are like positive to the 1000th power, so its only natural that things have to balance out with negative to the 1000th power. Even though you can prepare yourself by not being so cheerful around the holidays, remaining neutral and calm, the positivity that others around you have still ends up affecting you in some way. It wasn't as bad for me this year, but I remember a few times where January was very dark and deppressing. This year my dog decides to destroy expensive shoes, chew plugs, and rip rugs (all in one day!).

I'll share a few events:

-The worst breakup I have experienced happened in January. Dumped me right at his house and I had to drive home crying, yelling, and swerving because I could barely see the road. It was strange because I was helping another friend of mine go through her breakup, and then the next day it happened to me. I didn't want to go to school because my face was so swollen. (this was in college btw)

-Lost a good friend of mine in January. He was friends with the wrong people (gang members), and well he ended up being a crime victim. Very hard to cope with because in high school he didn't seem like the type that could get caught up in something like that, but I can say that he was a little naive at times, but whatever happened to him, he did not deserve.

-Key and I spent one Christmas buying gifts like crazy (electronics mostly). Went to a Gamestop, and they were having problems with their credit card machine, but then the guy told us the transaction went through. It charged us twice. Meanwhile we had went out to dinner, brought gas, etc. and in January our bank balance was really in the hole (like $1500 dollars in the red). The bank charged us for being in the negative ($25 for every day in the negative) plus the bounce fees all because GameStop messed up. So we call the bank, and they tell us that we have to call GameStop so that they can fax a letter explaining that they charged us twice, and trying to get GameStop to do that was pure chaos. Between getting hung up on and constantly calling to see if they sent our bank the fax, and calling the bank to see when our stuff would clear up, it was just plain horrible.

So in a nutshell, if your feeling like crap in January, it is not just you... its the crash of the holidays.

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