Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dreams Don't Come True for Those Who Wait

Today I felt really inspired to post something very meaningful. I hope someone out there will hear me on this because I feel that the spark of creativity blooms when you are young and dissipates when you get older.

As the title states, "Dreams don't come true for those who wait" because it takes a lot of work to make things happen. Sometimes it will take months, even years to get on the right track. I think the biggest misconception that they tell us in school is to share to others what do we want to be when we grow up. It assumes that everyone will wait until they grow up to start doing their dreams, when in actuality, they should start right away. I hope this doesn't sound confusing, but look at it like this: If I decided to wait until I was grown up to make websites and to do art, I doubt that I would have any experience capable of creating the things that I have done. I probably would still do a bunch of testing and not have the confidence to even think about creating a website or games of my own.

I believe that when you wait for something to happen without little to no effort (or haven't a clue how to get there), you will grow up feeling disappointed because the dream that you wanted never came. Of course when your young, you don't really care about these things and you tend to say a bunch of things that you want to do, but those thoughts and dreams never go away. Adults like to pretend that paying the bills, buying a house and a car, going on vacation, is what it means to be "grown" but little do they know that dreams are worth much more than materialistic things that can be brought with money. What good is a house, a car, and some timeshare on a vacation spot do if your unhappy, overworked and most importantly, hate your job?

And the most funniest thing about it all, is when people get laid off, they look to their childhood and hobbies to figure out things they used to like doing so they can potentially earn income from what they know.  This will hold true for any generation. I have friends that are in their 30s that believe that it is the end of the world because they are not where their should be in life honestly because they never put any work or effort to get themselves there. Now look, I believe in miracles and once of a lifetime chances like anyone else, but I mean just sitting around like your on a bus stop waiting for it to come is not my idea of living life and getting what you want out of life. Depression and regret loves these type of people. They eat them up for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So, its pretty simple to avoid all this. If you are young, and aspire to become great, you have to start NOW! Even if you don't have the means to actually do your dream, you can study it. If you want to be a doctor (I know its cliche but its an example nevertheless), it is obvious that you can venture online or at a library to learn more about the human body. Get a bunch of biology books, medical journals and began studying. Learn the meanings of scientific prefixes and endings to understand the meaning of those big words. If you have your checkups twice a year, you can prepare questions to ask your doctor (they love patients that are into their line of work). Heck, if you want to make it interesting, you can draw the parts of the body that you've learned. I've even seen people make flash games, blogs and videos explaining certain surgical procedures. On the topic of anatomy, you can also earn a living as an artist if you study the human body as well. You don't need to think about college if you have no clue what is in store for you when you get there, because you would waste your money if it isn't something that you like. So don't dream and wait, dream and start!

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