Friday, January 7, 2011

Bad News: Contest Cancelled, Postponed MAC Update Until Further Notice


I am canceling the contest. Not enough participation and lack of interest. I haven't really had the time to work on it like I would want to.

The Maidens Avatar Creator update will be postponed until further notice. I have other plans that I need to take care of, and updating the creator seems like a hobby since its little to no one playing or submitting anything, I have to consider that it is not keeping the site lights on.

----- My personal thoughts. No need to read below if you don't like to hear the "violin sob story"

I really had some good ideas for making changes, but until further notice, I am not going to update. I am sorry. Truthfully, I don't know if I'll post much in the blog either, until I come up with an ideal way for me and my games to attract a much wider audience. I could be upset, and looking at this all wrong, but until I get through this, I don't think that it is wise for me to spend time updating if I am throwing it into the sea of nothingness.

Please bare with me, doing this dressup games thing has been such a ridiculous bumpy ride its not even funny. Hard for the real, passionate but poor small team artist and easy for businessmen with a company, financial backing and a team of artists. I'm really trying not to complain, but it is irritating as hell...I will figure something out. trust me. Debating if I should keep the site around games, but instead make it more about interactivity. I'll keep everyone posted as to what my plans will be.

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