Thursday, January 6, 2011

Are you on Gaia Online? and other Updates

Hey there!

I recently went on Gaia Online - Its been a while for me (like a whole year) and a lot has changed. They have a few new games and plenty of clothes for their avatars (like always). Anyways, you can be my friend on there. My username is Chykara. If you need some help on Gaia, let me know. Also, you can make yourself known by placing your Maidens Avatar picture in your signature (gotta use photobucket though).

If you haven't heard about Gaia Online, its just a teen community where people chat, play games, watch videos and so much more. Its a very nice community and most of the people are very nice.


I will be updating the Maidens Avatar Creator later on today. Bernie gave me some ideas on how to improve our Background Creator, so if you have any suggestions for both the Maidens Avatar Creator as well as the background creator, let me know either in the comments or email me! You can remain anonymous. Also, I am thinking about bringing the chat back. I needed a chat that could control the spam, as Meebo was hard to do anything with.

If there are any other games that you play online, let me know!


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