Monday, December 27, 2010

Top 20 KeyeskeKara Games of the Year 2010 Part 1

Even though we have been around for over 3 years, we have never picked on the best games that were played the most this year. Everyone has their favorites, so we sought out to our stats (yes they are hidden) and picked the top 20 games that had the most plays this year.

So here we go! We are starting from 20 - 15.

#20 Laquan's Cake Decorator

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 Laquan's Cake Decorator was one of our first food decorating games that we released, with lots of toppings and even text to go over top of the cake slice.

#19 Sista Gunner Episode 2

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 This game was pretty incomplete, as we tried to add something new the second time around, but we neglected the idea because it wasn't really what we were after. It is a playable game, shoot up zombies forever and ever until the character dies or your hand cramps up from tons of clicking, but the fun factor is still there.

#18 Shaquita's Bakery

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Its no wonder that Shaquita's Bakery made the list. Its a fast paced, fun matching game where you match the cake style. You are given three chances to keep the game going, bonuses and things to click around for extra points. To this day I still get my play in on this game. Pretty fun! Check out Shaquita's facial expressions, they are silly.

#17 Rockin' with Hannah Montana

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This game was part of our Hannah Montana Celebrity Makeover series. We added a bonus game to the makeover that also game some decent play to the game. Spin the wheel to earn tons of points, but watch our for the Bust because it slices your points in half!

#16 Sista Gunner Episode 1

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Our first try at a shooter type of game. The dialogue is what makes this game pretty funny. We really had a story fully laid out, but we really couldn't set it all in motion, so we released this game with what we had and added a score. Even though its not the real version, it is playable and challenging.

#15 Shaquita's Halloween Cake Maker

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Wow this game takes me back. It was the second cake game that we made. I was very green programming in actionscript at the time. I never thought that making a scary cake would attract a lot of views even when its not around Halloween. My favorite item in the game is the candycorn.

Stay tuned for 14 - 10

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