Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Setting Up and Running Secret Santa in School (Holiday Gift Exchage)

Big sister Chykara has another school memory. I remember most of my school memories, and so I figured I'd continue to share while I still can remember.

My first attempt at creating my own secret santa was in the 5th grade. I never told my teacher, because I thought she would say no. She was a pretty strict teacher that yelled a lot and her eyes bulged out. Very scary for a 5th grader. I had the nerve to have this same teacher for 2 years (4th and 5th). I was on good terms with her, and she never yelled at me before. So, I did it behind her back. Good students can get away with burnt toast I thought. I had my classmates write their names on a piece of paper, then I used my bookbag to shake up the names and while the teacher wasn't looking, or during lunch, I would have them dig for a name. It started around this time and it was set to exchange gifts with whoever they picked two days before we would go on Christmas Break. We had a little classroom Christmas Party.

Well everything was going pretty well, and it seemed like I wouldn't have any problems... until the day everyone was to give their gifts to the people they chose. Apparently one person forgot to bring in their gift, and the person who didn't get anything told the teacher, and she yelled "Who was in charge of this?!" and the whole class said my name. It was sooooooooooo embarrassing. The person who told the teacher thought the teacher was in charge of it. It was kind of a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. It must have been so well planned that they didn't think their classmate would run the idea, but sort of bad that I got in trouble haha!

The teacher didn't yell. Thank goodness for Christmas and for being a well know Good Student! I had a big heart even when I was little.

Edit: I gave my class a spending limit of $5. We were not high-rollers in money so asking parents for $5 and take us to the dollar store was the way to go.

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