Sunday, December 19, 2010

Remembering My Dog Chrono 1995 - 2010

It has took me a while to get myself together to post this video. He was put to rest around mid November due to complications (unable to walk, stopped eating, enlarged lymphoma, and completely out of it). He was a Lab Mix, and 15 years old. I was around him for 5 years and as a convert (never had animals before) he has taught me so much. If you do not have a dog or any kind of animal, it may be hard to understand, but Chrono was a determined dog and even though he is not here with us physically, he will be in our hearts forever.


Not long after (the Monday before Thanksgiving), someone gave us a puppy. She is adorable and sweet, but she is not a replacement. Some say we needed some healing time, but we couldn't dwell over our loss. I had a dream about Chrono the same day the puppy came, it was really strange because we didn't know when she would arrive. Her name is Marle. They are the names from the game Chrono Trigger.Ive never had a puppy before, but over the past month, it has been a great experience. I made a promise to give her as much love as I did Chrono (if not more).

I'll post some videos up of her as well in the future.

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  1. This as a great thing to do for Chrono brought tears to my eyes. be bless QUEENBEBOPELLA


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