Thursday, December 23, 2010

Maidens Avatar Update 12/23/10 Completed

Happy Holidays and thanks for waiting!

43 Items updated, guitars, amp, mics, wings, tails, cakes, some new hairs and a few other things added.

Layers that were updated:

Now for the technical updates:
-Noticed that there were some hairs with poor quality, fixed them.
-Fixed a slight glitch with one of the Accessory items (it was drag able but would not release).
-Adjusted the alignment of the knee boots that were added in the previous update.
-Moved the shield from the left hand to the right.

Enjoy the update, Merry Christmas and Rock on!

P.S. - No one has emailed me their dolls so I can post them. Don't forget to email with your doll so that others can see how creative you are!

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