Saturday, December 18, 2010

Getting Ready for a Christmas Concert

Are you involved in a holiday celebration? Nervous?

When I was in school, this was the best time of the year, because I loved being in Holiday concerts, shows, parties, etc.

I think I've had my fair share of goodies, even at age 25, I can still smile and remember most of them. I used to dance with a few dance groups, and we would go perform in different malls, halls, schools and churches. I was in marching bands as well. Of course I was nervous performing, who isn't? I always felt so excited at the same time that I couldn't stop. I always loved the costumes that I were performing in. The tights I had were nude color and shiny. I'm not one to like stockings because they are itchy and they never go on right. It seems like one leg goes on easy and the other leg gives such a hard time.

But anyways, performing during the Holidays are very fun. I also noticed that I love to panic before I perform. A lot of parents used to complain about the organization and planning of events that their child were involved in, but to me, as a child once ^_^ and still am, I loved things to be last minute and impromptu.

There were times I happened to bring my tap shoes in my book bag and end up dancing on the stage A Capella (dancing with no music). Or have a plain leotard and footless tights and do modern dance on the fly to any music that was played. Believe it or not, I was doing this all the way up until I stopped performing, and that was in college!

If you play an instrument and have the opportunity to play Christmas music in a concert, let me tell you, the pressure is intense. I know how it feels - your heart feels like its on the floor right before you get your air so that you can blow into that wind instrument, or tilt your head just right for the bow on the violin to vibrate the sound just right. Isn't it so exciting?!

If your nervous, just turn it into motivation to keep going. You can't get scared. When you get butterflies or get anxious that's a sign that you want to see it through. Besides, no one can tell you that you did terrible because you gave it your all and you attempted. That is what matters. Who cares what the audience says? They are just watching you from the sidelines and being entertained. They would probably fair worse than you if they were up on stage performing, so don't think that if you mess up on stage is horrible either. It happens, and its natural. The best thing to do is to pick yourself back up and ride the horse again. Always do your best!

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