Friday, December 24, 2010

A Christmas Wish

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone!

Our Cat Jasmine with Creepy Green and Red Eyes

From both Keyeske and I, we would like to thank all the users for visiting our websites and playing our games. I did not notice that we reached our 3rd year mark. Its been a very busy year, with so many changes that we went through that one could not express how thankful I am to still be here, working on our games, the website and such. Sometimes I get the feeling that the visitors that we receive have this notion that we are bigger than two people, when we are actually a "mom and pop shop". We work on our websites and games fulltime at home, and we work very hard (no time constraints like 9-5, more like all day until whenever we sleep).

Its not easy, but we are doing what we love. Thanks to our fans that have been there from the beginning, and everyone for showing their support. Even though what you do may seem small (like playing a dressup game or reading the blog) it is a big thing to me. Its what keeps us going, and on rough nights, gets us through the day. I love making games for children, because that is where I feel that my heart is, and where I can really be myself. Children are very honest about things that they like and what they do not like, so when I see a young child smiling and laughing while they play our games, it is like the greatest feeling in the world to me, because I know that it is true, and sincere. When you are an adult, most of the time those feelings are compressed and hidden and very hard to acknowledge unless certain objects are in possession (money) or situations arise. So, I am very grateful.

If you would like to stop reading here you can.  
Below are some of my personal thoughts...

I wish that children everywhere can play our games, and be able to decide if they would like to play them, but that is only a dream.

Due to other Webmasters, their reasons for not giving them this opportunity and our own reasons, we were unable to make that wish come true this whole entire year. It must be something that we are missing or not doing right, but I can't imagine what. We have tried linking back, adding games from other sites, sponsorships, cobranding our games with other websites, and still little to no views.

It is sad, but we will keep going and keep making games even if no one adds them to their websites, even if websites don't link to us, even if we have 1 person browsing our website, we will not give up.

At first I thought that it could have been the games that we developed, because it didn't look a certain way like Roiworld's sleek vector design, and the file sizes are bigger than 1 megabyte. I refuse to believe those things. I know that people love our games. We get tons of emails everyday from users telling us that they do. Maybe some webmasters are afraid that we will steal their traffic away, but I couldn't imagine how. We do not have thousands of games like most game portals, and truthfully I don't plan to.

With that said, I can understand why our Maidens Avatar Creator is getting swept under the rug. If a game is said to have weekly updates, to most it is not new, so if there is ever updates, no one would see it. So far there has been 3 updates from the original and the filesize is currently at 5.75mb (If it gets to 10mb, it will have to be a down loadable game):

62 plus 60 plus 43 equals 165 items! But, the item count is not important, Is it worth me to continue updating? If I was short on time, I would say no, but I love the DM Base, I love making clothes for it, so I will continue updating. I don't care if no one likes the game anymore, I still do. I have tons of bases that I saved to my computer. I don't expect anyone to like it as much as I would, but even I can be entertained by my own work. Can most people say that?

I wish for a lot of things, but it is up to me to make it come true. I have not thrown in the towel on this project, and even though I may whine about what we do not have, I can accept that we don't and continue to press on. I believe in miracles, and someday our games will get exposure to children that love to play games online. If it never happens, oh well, at least we did our best. That is what matters isn't it?

Its Christmas Eve, anyone still going to leave cookies and milk for Santa? I will... I hope he likes soymilk.


  1. i love your avatar creator and i wait and look forward to what your updates are going to be like please dont stop the game please dont

  2. you guys work hard-ty for making great games ;)!


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