Thursday, December 16, 2010

Breakfast with Santa

When I was 8, (that was around 1993) I would go to the mall because they would have an event called "Breakfast with Santa". Well its wasn't technically breakfast with him, because we ate at the restaurant before we saw him, and well even then I still believed in Santa but I knew the guy at the mall was some man in costume. It would have been interesting though if I saw a man dressed up as Santa smashing down a pile of pancakes, getting bits of syrup all on his white beard, but a girl can laugh and dream in her mind haha!

Afterwards he would give us a bag full of candy and small toys and we would sing Christmas songs. It was pretty fun. I haven't been to a mall in about a year, so I don't really know if they still have events like that, but I am sure they have something. Do you have any memories of things you did/still do around the Holidays?

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