Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bad Attitudes

Remember in school when other classmates would interrupt the class with fussing out the teachers or fighting other classmates? Do you know why they do it?

When I was in school I saw this a lot. I thought they always had bad attitudes and these were the people I would stay away from because I didn't understand why they would yell and argue so much about nothing. Even now I try to stay away from those type of people. I had no idea why they would disrupt the class. It would make time in the classroom faster because the teacher would teach less due to trying to discipline the "troublemaker" but then the teacher would take out their frustration with the whole entire class. There were many times in Junior High where my whole entire class would have lunch detention because of a couple of people.

I was always seen as the "goody two shoes", the girl who did their work, listened to their teachers and kept quiet, and people with the bad attitudes made fun of me. They made me cry and caused me to think some very unhappy thoughts, but now I realize why they do those things. It is for attention. If the teacher and the class ignored them, they would have calmed down. When you do any means necessary to get attention because lack of in the home, it becomes a problem for everyone. Most are brought up that yelling and making yourself known is commonplace, but that doesn't mean that people should continue using this path of communication if it has so many negative results to everyone else. It sounds pretty selfish if you ask me.

If you are the type that loves attention by screaming and yelling, I would like to know what it does for you when you have a bad attitude? Does the problem you carry get solved by your actions? Do you care about finding a solution to your problem, or is it that the fact that you have this problem is what motivates you to do it even more?

If you are on the receiving end of people with bad attitudes, how do you cope with their actions? Does it make you feel uncomfortable with how they communicate? If so, have you told them that you do not like it?

Just imagine how they become when they reach adulthood. It never goes away, so I think it is very important to find the causes and solutions so that teachers can do their job. Teachers have to go home at night upset that they have to come back to children that show off because of problems in the home. So if you have a bad attitude, think about how others feel when you lose your cool, because dispersing your anger only makes matters worse. Find another way or you'll end up keeping that same bad attitude all through life!

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