Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Creative Corner Ep. 27 - Daddy's Little Girl (Kissing Game)

If you would like to play or download click the link below:


  1. pretty funny thAT WAS AWSOME i never seen a game like that that person made a game look easy they might be a game person who get money for winning games i got to give this game/show props

  2. wow this game looks awesome it was funny because the dad was curious but didnt no wat was going on but at the end he was very angry very funny this website is good i will play here most of the time this must be a favorite of people because you get to read positive comments and stop being bored be someone and be a good person and sport and learn a new game instead of staying on the same website this is a funny and pretty website it seems that it can really teach you how to be a princess and it have bogs and many more well im fixn to go check out more comments and games on here


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