Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Website Update and 6 New Games!

Hey Everyone!

I think we are back. Our feet are planted and we are adding new games on Dream Maidens.

So far 6 new games have been added. Go check them out on http://dream-maidens.com

More to come I promise!

Heres a picture that I drew and colored in a while ago.

Enjoy your day and remember to do your best!


Monday, September 16, 2013

Shark Hero Dekino Available for Free on Google Play

Shark Hero Dekino on Google Play
CLICK HERE Download Shark Hero Dekino for FREE on Google Play!!!
Hey Everyone,
We have been working on a few projects lately. We just finished one of our games that took a few months to make. It is called Shark Hero Dekino. It is available for download for free on Google Play for Android Devices. We plan to release it to other markets later on. We have Heyzap integrated to use with Leaderboards and Achievements!

View the description:

Help Shark Hiro Dekino perform his duty and save the day in this fun, high paced runner game. As of right now it has 10 unique levels, cutscenes, enemies, bosses, special attacks, beautiful music and graphics. We plan to update as we go. Collect the crystals to transform into Super Hero Dekino, a shark like no other!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

MagiSoft July 2013 - 久々(Long Time) Updates


I can't believe how much has happened since the last blog post. It is too much to type!

Well, as it stands, we always have lots of work to do! I'll try to name a few things but I am not really sure how soon they will be added. I think with all that is going on, Key and I will just have to take our time :)

- Add some of our games that are on mobile
- Change Website Layout on Dream Maidens and Dark Maidens
- Have a Directory List of our Apps on MagiSoftGames.com
- Create a Dream Maidens and Dark Maidens mobile site
- and some more stuff that we are not sure of

In a year's time we have released more games, however I will say that there are more developers making dress up games on mobile, which I am happy and more or less encouraged to develop other things due to the influx. It is next to impossible to find our games, and most would publish games for free, so in search Google displays free games first because it goes off of downloads. I think it is good to have a variety of games and know how to develop different game genres, and I am safe to say that they can have "dress up games" tag until the wheels fall off, because I already see some developers moving over to make cooking and other makeover games. We are always moving on :)

Personally --
The only difference between competition online and on mobile is that there is no circle of site promotion, but pure traffic driven promotion through advertisement and fake and/or paid app reviews (we get e-mails from companies offering this service all the time) and besides, Google loves free stuff (who doesn't if they had a choice?). I think selling paid apps are not as profitable on Google Play for this reason as it once was a year ago for dress up games, and for other genres also. Other developers have agreed that Google Play caters to a free market. Look at the Chrome Store and how different it looks compared to how it was in 2010-2011. Though I think making apps free will cause both paid and free app developers to lose revenue in the long run no matter how many games are in circulation. You just have to be the type that will last through it all :) This is what I've learned with Dream Maidens after moving to mobile.

I have done my homework and have learned a lot. Time has turned our bitterness and confusion to educating ourselves about the veil that is behind what is popular and what is not versus revenue earned (ROI - return on investment).

Its great that two people can compete with large team companies and accomplish so much without private funding, paid advertisement and outsourcing to get ahead and really keeping it honest!!!! After a little thought, I realized how much good we had done with Dream Maidens and how silly it was to abandon it because companies made us feel like we were small and insignificant in their world that was once cool for the small time developer. The same thing is happening on mobile and its time to stop running and face it.

That is why I am happy to say that we ARE doing our very best to continue creating rich content for everyone of all ages and make attempts to deliver our content across multiple platforms.

We hope that you are enjoying your summer and hopefully expect an update on things really soon


-Keyeske and Chykara

Monday, August 27, 2012

MagiSoft August 2012 Update

Hey Everyone!

Been a while as always :)

Although August is just about done, I still wanted to update. I'm in the middle of working on some stuff, and decided to take a break to blog!

Anyways, this month has been such a blast but before I get to the really fun stuff I need to make some announcements on previous posts and things of concern and changes that we are making.


Summer Internship with Niece
Our niece unfortunately had to stop working with us this summer. I don't think that working on games is something that she really wanted to do. Lack of motivation and some other issues prevented her from working with us. It is unfortunate, but we must move on. She will have to study and learn on her own time :) Perhaps we are too hard-working for some to keep up, but what can I do, that's just how we are. We did not get where we are by slacking and chatting to people online and on the phone all day long.

Barnes and Noble NOOK App Store
As you can see we have added games on several mobile markets. The numbers vary between the markets, especially in the Barnes and Noble's NOOK App Store. I did not want to really make such a big deal about this, but considering they keep putting the "nail in the coffin" on us with app submission, I am without choice to alert our fans of what is going on. I've received countless e-mails from Nook users asking us about adding more games (in their e-mail signature it says "Sent from my NOOK")

However after getting many app rejections for our games, I decided to create a support ticket inquiring about the rejections and this was the reply:

Dear Developer,

The app rejections for the updates are due to the app ecosystem being flooded with these type of apps in particular. The app in question, does not differentiate itself form the other five apps currently in our store. We understand that each one provides something different, but looking at the apps themselves, these could be combined to create a single user experience. We reserve the right to reject content based on how many apps of that type are in the store in order to maintain a certain type or genre of app from becoming overly prevalent to our customer base. We are happy to accept your apps, but they need to provide a higher standard of game play, quality, and diversity from the apps you have already put into the store.

Please let me know if you would like further explanation into this matter.

Thank you,

--NOOK Developer Team

I am not going to tell you what you decide to do if you own a Nook Color/Tablet other than to play our games on our website, or something else, but I am washing my hands clean of this issue, because if they want to play that way, so be it. I did not think they would be so controlling, making decisions for their customers. I would be enraged to hear something like this from a consumer point of view. You already know how I feel developer wise. I own a Kindle Fire and an Acer Iconia, sooo... Google Play has every last mobile game that we have added and I will leave it at that :)

I am not saying that I will not keep trying to add our games on the Nook by being persistent, but I will tell you to not hold your breath. It will be a slim chance that you would even see a third of our games on there. I've seen them try to suggest things that would involve more time than it is worth to put apps on there. I am a type of create once, publish everywhere type of girl, so their attitude is clashing with mine. I refuse to make trials of our games on Nook, because it is not worth opening up another compiler to wrack my brain on getting a link to the full version to work, on top of that not being able to monetize from the trial since they do not allow advertising.... Need I say more?

Working with Other Game Studios (Our Friends)
Believe it or not, we were creating games for our friends and family. Although it seemed like a great idea at the time, it was putting a lot of stress on me and Key. We had our work to do, on top of explaining what they should do to create games on their own. No one wants to commit to doing the work, all they wanted to see was money. So, we are officially pulling the plug. No more games for people... no no no no no no no no NOOOO! Why should we do all the work and study, while they reap the benefits of having nerdy friends? On top of that, they were flooding the market, optimally becoming friendly competition. I have no idea how that was possible, but it was like we were competing with ourselves since we made the game.


This summer we went to the Amusement Park! I haven't went swimming in years!! We went to lots of places and actually had a VACATION! 

We are trying to go to some Anime/Gaming Conventions to sell our PC Games, Art Book and some other items. I am so excited!!!

More News on this later!

Also we made Princess and the Magical Fruit for Smart Phones and Tablets

Click Here to Play the Demo!

There is a Demo and Paid version of the game.

Also, I've been in working on games in Java that are compatible for all Android devices! I have I think like over 20 that are in Java. Yay! Going Native is easier, but what a learning curve!

Well its time to go back to working on my stuff now. I know that I keep saying I will update the website with more games, and we are, I just don't know when. I'll definitely let you know when a game will be up, so as always.....



Monday, July 9, 2012

Making the Most Out of Your Summer

Hey Everyone,

I woke up this morning with a nice thought to share with everyone. I have a little downtime until Keyeske is woke, so I figured why don't I take some time out and make a blog post ^_^

This summer we have our niece as our intern, and it has been a very enlightening experience. Shes 14 years old, and have seen how far we have come with all of our websites and mobile games. Her job is not too intensive, actually it really isn't what people would consider a job because it is only an hour a day, if that.

The reason why I am talking about our niece is because I would like to share with you that she is learning some very technical stuff for the summer. Although a lot of people would encourage the students to get stuffed into books for the summer to prepare for school, I think giving them hands on would be much better. It is a education that is a very different approach and it does away with the classroom setting. Some people tend to flourish when doing hands on projects. Maybe it is because they can visually put things into motion without writing or bubbling in the best answer.

Sometimes you tend to see them wondering what is the point in learning the curriculum that they are instructed for 10 months out of the year, and no one actually says, "Hey lets put your skills to what it can be used for." It is like asking questions about this method of learning is strictly taboo. I mean although I am an adult now, I too had the same problem when going through grade school. I'm sure we all have.

So below you can find some of the games that she has helped create and added to Google Play:

Click Here to Download Hot Nail Designer

Click Here to Download Pretty Nail Styles

Click Here to Download Birthday Cake Bash Designer

Click Here to Download Design Shoes by Kiko

Click Here to Download IceCream and Cone Maker

Well I think that is all the time I have for blogging, now its back to work. Oh! I have some cool games to add on the website as well. So stay tuned as always!

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